Application and Network Performance Analysis

Utilizing a variety of the industries best tools, we have personally analyzed thousands of applications over the past 25 years.  From SAP to homegrown data bases, we will pinpoint the root cause of the delay at breakneck speeds.  We are so confident in our abilities that we guarantee our work!

Customized On-Site Training

Want to train up your staff but don't want the hassle and cost of travel? No worries, we will come to you!  We have created hundreds of classes for many fortune 100 companies on all things related to Network and Application performance and security.  From monitoring to troubleshooting, we have you covered.

Performance On Demand

Often times engineers are too busy with their day jobs to keep up with the myriad of complaints about the "network" being slow.  For this we offer a customized solution that provides you with a virtual team of trained engineers that focus 100% on performance troubleshooting and remediation.  Don't spend days, weeks or even months on hunting down why things are slow when these problems can typically be found in minutes or hours.

We have most likely already encountered the problem you are currently working on and have an answer!

Application/Server and Cloud Relocation Analysis

Did your company recently acquire a new business?  Are you planning on moving applications to the cloud?  Would you like to know what the impact of those changes will be to your end users?

We can assist with all of the above.  We have years of experience in modeling application and server changes that will allow you to know exactly how it will effect the end user experience.

Wireshark 1-1 Coaching

Our consultants have been using Wireshark since its early days (before it was even called Wireshark).  They are the instructors that design, teach, and present at Sharkfest each year.

From a brush up on advanced usage of Wireshark to the beginner.  We can you have using this powerful, free tool like a pro!

Visibility Fabric Design and Installation

Does you company need visibility to the packets traversing your network?

Whether its for security, performance analysis or simply monitoring, we can help you sift through all the vendor FUD and design a solution that exactly meets the needs of your organization in the most cost effective method possible.

We work with the top vendors in the packet and network flow space to right size your solution.

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