Microseconds Matter...

Application Characterization, Redifined

Do you have performance issues that take longer than an hour or two to pinpoint the root cause?  Are you spending too much time on “tiger team” calls where everyone does the blame game dance?

Our analysis begins with the most objective, accurate and detailed view of actual problems, a view that can be obtained only from the system’s network traffic. It reveals sequences of events to characterize system behavior, rather than relying on snapshots of usage statistics. The aim is to draw causal links from faults and weaknesses to the large response times experienced by users; it keeps the focus on real rather than possible problems, to identify the most effective remediation strategies.

The bulk of the traffic is analyzed by NetData, a tool that reconstructs, measures and fully characterizes all transactions, including requests without responses. It fully parses all the Application messages, carries extensive state information including SQL statements with the thousands of cursors established in each database session; and associates the database transactions with particular user transactions.

We have a unique capability to handle all transactions, including those encrypted SSL, Cloud based transactions via direct integration with tools such as HTTP Watch and Fiddler.

NetData allows for a paradigm shift in packet analysis.  There is no longer a need to pre-filter packet captures as NetData has the capability to search the data and compile end user transactions and then correlate those transactions to the corresponding back end transaction.

This is a proven, guaranteed approach.  We have helped hundreds of companies from medium sized organizations to the Fortune 100.


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